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187 Knee Gasket Grey

SKU: 187KGXS107
Availability: High
Product Code: 187KGXS107, 187KGSA107, 187KGMA107, 187KGLA107, 187KGXL107

Price per unit (12 units per carton per size)


  • Curved ergonomic design
  • Thick padding surrounds the patella
  • Two layers of neoprene encase super-absorbent EVA foam
  • Ventilated mesh sewn in for breathability on back of knee
  • Non-irritating side seams for comfort
  • Top and bottom stitching for durability


XS      25.4cm - 30.5cm
      30.5cm - 35.5cm
M       35.5cm - 40.6cm
L        38.1cm - 43.2cm
XL      43.2cm - 50.8cm