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ABEC 11 Wheels SuperFly 111mm 74a Green 4 Pack

SKU: AB11SF11174
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111mm Superfly 

4 Pack | Green

The 111mm SuperFly is our biggest wheel that features our unique Flywheel core. By definition a "SuperFly" has an OffSet (OS) bearing seat while a tradition Flywheel is symmetrical and has a CenterSet (CS) bearing seat. Every Flywheel, ReFly, and SuperFly is compatible with every Flywheel-specific drive pulley which gives you a number of great options in the Electric Skateboard (eSk8) market.These monsterous wheels are smooth as butter, roll over everything, and have a higher top speed than every other wheel in eSk8. If you have the necessary clearance you can put these on a longboard, Hamboard, street luge and roll forever. 



Diameter:   111mm
Width:   70mm
Contact Patch:   67mm
Outer Edge Size:   15mm
Outer Edge Profile:   Radius
Outer Lip Thickness:   16mm
Inner Edge Size:   1.5mm
Inner Edge Profile:   Chamfer
Inner Lip Thickness:  20mm
Core Diameter:   45mm
Core Width:   40mm
Bearing Seat:   OffSet
Max Urethane Depth:   33.0mm
Wheel Surface:   Smooth
Disciplines:   Longboarding, Electric Skateboarding, SUP Sk8, Street Luge