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ABEC 11 Attack Street Truck Black - Pair

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Attack is a truck brand owned under skateboard manufacturer JET. The Huntington Beach, California company is also known for their multiple skateboard and longboard series and apparel. Attack is truly a one-of-a-kind skateboard truck brand. They are the first trucks to come with multiple configurations to dial in your ride. Each Attack skateboard truck includes two tall and one short ABEC11 urethane bushings and a bushing spacer. The two taller bearings provides a wider range of motion while turning and they’re perfect for carving and cruising at high speeds. Using the shorter bushing restricts deck lean, which improves sliding capabilities and drifting control while free riding. Riding on a pair of Attack trucks also means no risk of wheel bite! If you’re a devoted skater, then you know how crucial it is to have the proper bearings and bushings for optimal riding performance. Attack eliminates the hassle of buying skate parts separately so you can waste less time customizing and spend more time doing what you love - shredding. Ready to take on all types of riding conditions and terrains, Attack trucks are suited for all skill levels from beginner to professional.

Attack is taking the industry by storm and you’re the next rider to become their devoted fan. Are you ready to be blown away by your Attack skateboard trucks?


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