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ABEC 11 Wheels Centrax HD 75mm Green 4 Pack

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Product Code: AB11CD7574, AB11CD7575


75mm Centrax HD 

4 Pack | Green

The 75mm Centrax HD is a super wide centerset and symmetrical wheel designed for superior traction. Centerset wheels can be flipped to better balance wear over time. The HD Core is taller and wider than the core in the standard Centrax and therefore reduces any chatter that could come from wheels with unsupported/flexible lips. The tiny radius and chamfer on its edges maintains a huge contact patch, nearly the entire width of the wheel.


When coupled with the super grippy Reflex formula, the wheel has superior traction making it a great DH Race, carving, LDP, and GS race wheel.


When coupled with the speedy ProThane formula, the wheel will drift through turns with perfect control making it a great DH race wheel. 



Diameter:   75mm
Width:   68mm
Contact Patch:   67mm
Outer Edge Size:   .5mm
Outer Edge Profile:   Radius
Outer Lip Thickness:   9mm
Inner Edge Size:  .5mm
Inner Edge Profile:   Chamfer
Inner Lip Thickness:   9mm
Core Diameter:   29mm
Core Width:   38mm
Bearing Seat:   CenterSet
Max Urethane Depth:   23.0mm
Wheel Surface:   Smooth
Disciplines:   Downhill, Giant Slalom, Long Distance Pumping, Carving, Cruising. Anything that benefits from extreme traction and control, speed and momentum.