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ABEC 11 Wheels Centrax Reflex 77mm 80a Neon Green 4 pack

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77mm Centrax

4 Pack | Green/ Black

The 77mm Centrax is a super wide wheel that features our smallest "7-11" core. Centrax are centerset and symmetrical wheels designed for superior traction. Centerset wheels can be flipped to better balance wear over time. The smaller 7-11 core is provides a ton of urethane depth for smoother rides than wheels with larger cores. The 7-11 core is also narrower which provides for wider and more flexible lips, inside and out. The tiny radius and chamfer on its edges maintains a huge contact patch, nearly the entire width of the wheel. When coupled with the super grippy Reflex formula, the flexible lips are like suction cups. The superior traction makes it a great carving, LDP, GS race, and DH wheel. 



Diameter:   77mm
Width:   68mm
Contact Patch:   67mm
Outer Edge Size:   .5mm
Outer Edge Profile:   Radius
Outer Lip Thickness:   7mm
Inner Edge Size:   .5mm
Inner Edge Profile:   Chamfer
Inner Lip Thickness:   7mm
Core Diameter:   24mm
Core Width:   24mm
Bearing Seat:   CenterSet
Max Urethane Depth:   26.5mm
Wheel Surface:   Smooth
Disciplines:   Downhill, Giant Slalom, Long Distance Pumping, Carving, Cruising. Anything that benefits from extreme traction and control, speed, and momentum.