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ABEC 11 Wheels 70's Flashback 70mm 78a Green 4 Pack

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70mm/ 78a Flashback 

4 Pack | Green

The 70mm Flashback is an side set wheel with our small (7-11) core. We combined this core, rounded outside edge, a harder inside edge, and a medium contact patch with our smooth and drifty Classic urethane formula. The resulting combination has been an industry standard for over 20 years now. The 70mm size is plenty fast and gives you enough urethane to lay down sweet Classic thane lines for days. They drift in and out of big burly slides with total control and virtually no chatter.  Flashbacks are a great all-around longboard wheel, and are excellent for carving cruising, and dance as well.



Diameter:   70mm
Width:   48mm
Contact Patch:   42.5mm
Outer Edge Size:   2mm
Outer Edge Profile:   Radius
Outer Lip Thickness:   14.5mm
Inner Edge Size:   1.5mm
Inner Edge Profile:   Chamfer
Inner Lip Thickness:  23mm
Core Diameter:   25mm
Core Width:   25mm
Bearing Seat:   Side Set
Max Urethane Depth:   22.5mm
Wheel Surface:   Smooth
Disciplines:   Freeriding, Carving, Cruising, Dance, General Longboarding