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ABEC 11 Wheels SuperFly 107mm 74a Green 4 Pack

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107mm Superfly 

4 Pack | Green

The 107mm SuperFly is a big wide wheel that features our unique Flywheel core. By definition a "SuperFly" has an OffSet (OS) bearing seat while a tradition Flywheel is symmetrical and has a CenterSet (CS) bearing seat. Every Flywheel, ReFly, and SuperFly is compatible with every Flywheel-specific drive pulley which gives you a number of great options in the Electric Skateboard (eSk8) market. These monsterous wheels are smooth as butter, and roll over things better than the 83mm, 90mm, and 97mm ReFly's.  They have a higher top speed than smaller wheels in eSk8. If you have the necessary clearance you can put these on a longboard, Hamboard, street luge and roll forever. 



Diameter:   107mm
Width:   64mm
Contact Patch:   55mm
Outer Edge Size:   7mm
Outer Edge Profile:   Radius
Outer Lip Thickness:   22.5mm
Inner Edge Size:   2mm
Inner Edge Profile:   Chamfer
Inner Lip Thickness:   18mm
Core Diameter:   45mm
Core Width:   40mm
Bearing Seat:   OffSet
Max Urethane Depth:   31.0mm
Wheel Surface:   Smooth
Disciplines:   Longboarding, Electric Skateboarding, SUP Sk8, Street Luge