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ABEC 11 Biltin Abec 7 Bearings 8 Pack

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Biltin Bearings 

8 Pack | Abec 7

Biltin Bearings were invented by World Cup Downhill champion Chris Chaput to meet the needs of the most demanding skaters. Having produced larger, high-traction wheels for years, Chris quickly realized the need to integrate precision wheel cores with beefier bearings to properly handle the intense side loads. The result is a bearing with integrated "speed ring" washers on the outside and perfect bearing spacers on the inside. Toss out your tiny washers and cheesy spacers. Ours are Built-In.


You can tighten up the locknuts all the way and your wheels will spin straighter and faster than ever before. Not just made for performance, Biltins are definitely built to last. There is an extremely tight, stable, and controlled feeling between the bearings and the wheel. Bearings that will endure the demands of downhill racing or any intense skateboard discipline. More traction comes with the territory but you'll also enjoy chatter-free slidea when drifting the turns. Trust the ORIGINAL Biltin Bearings - you can feel the difference!



Bearing Diameter:   22mm
Bearing Width:   7mm
Half-Spacer Width:   5.15mm
Speed Ring (Washer) Width:   0.85mm
Overall Width:   13mm
Number of Balls:   7
Seal Type:   Rubber / Non-Contact
Seal Count:   2 (Inside and Out)
Seal Colour:   Orange
Ball Material:   Steel
Bearing Rating:   ABEC-7