Bustin Boards EQ 36" Deck: Black and grey, blue boombox

Bustin Boards EQ 36" Deck: Black and grey, blue boombox

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You could say the EQ and Boombox shapes were divinely inspired. We spent many hours in front of our 40-inch gong in meditation, and after a few days locked in the undergound Bustin Labs, we came out with the EQ concept and an initial design. More hours of gong meditation passed, a mold was cut up and assembled, and a deck was pressed. After the idea was formed, it only took a few tries for the shape, and the hard part was over. After a few rounds of testing and tweaking the smaller details, we felt confident that we'd laid the framework for a board that exemplifies the progression and evolution of freeride longboarding in 2012. The Bustin team has been slowly growing in talent and influence, and this board is the direct result, helping riders here in NYC and around the world take their skating potential to the next level.

The EQ started with a very basic concept of maximizing footspace over a topmount deck with extreme yet comfortable foot locking concave. The overall shape was obvious. Make wheel wells as small as possible and the board as big as possible within the given wheelbase. Maximize control by getting the feet as close to the trucks as possible, and provide no wasted space.

With the combination of rocker and radial drops, the center of the deck sits a full inch lower than the truck mounts, making this deck sit just as low as an Ibach for pushing around town.

The progressive radial concave starts out very mellow in the center of the deck and increases in intensity near the edges, creating a comfortable standing platform for front facing pushing and locking you in tight in sideways stance. The concave tops out at 9/16" near the deck's shoulders. The radial drops lift the center of the deck where the trucks mount, creating a shelf that keeps your feet from shifting. Bending and lifting the wood out of the center of the deck allows concave to be retained throughout the length of the standing platform. Many freeriders will find that they can simply spin in circles, toeside and heelside, on this deck without ever adjusting the feet. And that's the idea.

9-ply Canadian Maple
26" Effective Foot Platform
29 1/2" Wheelbase
1/2" Radial Drop
1/2" Rocker Along EFP
10" Wide
9/16" Concave
36 1/2" LENGTH


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