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Bustin Boards Maestro 5 Bamboo Deck: Wooden, blue and black, Cats w Tentacles

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Introducing the Special Edition MAESTRO-5 Deck. 2015 marks the fifth anniversary of the release of our Maestro Series. In 2010 we announced the Maestro as our premier do-it-all board, and it has been stoking riders across the world ever since. But over the years, the Maestro has become somewhat of an icon to us, epitomizing the true meaning of NYC Push, but also representing what is fun and functional about a longboard designed for pushing, carving and straight having fun. It was with this consideration that we brought the Maestro back to the drawing board and rolled out the Maestro-5, a special edition cousin of the classic design.


The Maestro-5 is designed to be more responsive and lively. To achieve that we've developed a Bamboo/Maple hybrid layup that offers lasting flex and feel. Riding is believing.