Bustin Boards YoFace 41.5" BGDK Deck: Blue

Bustin Boards YoFace 41.5" BGDK Deck: Blue

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The BGDK is a perfect mix of all-around skate, freeride, and downhill mixed into one board. It's designed for downhill riding and sliding, but the addition of a nose and tail make this board fun for any riding situation, whether you're slashing through the urban terrain or bombing down a mountain. The concave stays aggressive from front to back, topping out at .66" in depth, with a gentle elliptical W concave that gradually becomes more prominent toward the center of the deck for finding your position in your tuck. The platform provides feedback with sweeping curves and changes in concave from tip to tail that help you find your perfect position. Gentle 3-D concave aids to help in foot placement and adds additional wheel clearance to the already large, CNC-routed wheel wells. The tails are large and in charge, providing tons of the leverage you need for doing real pop tricks, not just "longboard ollies." The deck retains concave across the platform and into the tails to create a great pockets to lock into when doing surf-style slides off the back.

  • 8-ply Great Lakes Maple Construction
  • 41.5” Long
  • 10.2“ Wide
  • WB - 23.25-24.75"
  • Concave - .66"
  • Nose/Tail - 7"


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