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Bustin Boards Yoface 39" Deck: White, Yellow and Red Graffiti (some marks on last 2 decks)

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The YoFace is a traditional street skateboard redesigned to be more functional for longboard-style riding and tricks. This deck features 3D wells pressed into the concave to not only help prevent wheel bite but also create unique pockets to hold your feet in place for throwing standup slides! Extra concave will keep you feeling more locked in than a traditional skateboard ever could. A steep nose and tail allow the rider to easily pop ollies or bust out a steezy bluntslide on the nose or tail. The YoFace 39 is a sick freeride deck that is still light enough to snap some ollies but stable enough to handle some light downhill riding.

  • Length - 39.5”
  • Width - 9.5”

*Note: last 2 decks have a couple of blemishes please request final images

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