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Chaya Love is Love Wheels Outdoor 4pack

SKU: PS810777
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Product Code: PS810777


Love is Love

PS810777 | Blue/Blue | 4-pack

Chaya Love is Love 62x38 / 78A 

Outdoor Roller Skate Wheel Honouring the LGBTQ+ Community

Good looks and a Smooth Rolling Experience
The Chaya Love is Love wheel is an extension of our firm belief that everyone is equal and everyone deserves to enjoy the unmatched experience of roller-skating. The Love is Love 62x38 / 78A wheel is stylish, long-lasting, and always ready for a fun rolling experience. With a 78A hardness the wheel is super smooth and great for virtually any outdoor surface. It also has a wide profile that helps improve control and stability. A portion of each purchase of each Love is Love 62x38 / 78A wheel will go on to support the LGBTQ+ community. We have joined forces with a  well-known non-profit organization which is dedicated love and equality, and mobilizing people to build a world where no one has to sacrifice their family or freedom, safety or dignity, because of who they are and/or who they love.

Technology_General_SHR= Super High Rebound

Wheel:   Chaya Love is Love; 62mm*38mm / 78A; Outdoor Elite Performance