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Chaya Ruby Hard Skate

SKU: PS810569-36
Availability: Low
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The Chaya Ruby Hard is the most ´derby ready´ beginner package on the market. This low cut yet supportive boot offers both increased comfort and performance. The design is stylish, clean and simple. The Ruby is great value for money and comes equipped with all you need to start your roller derby journey. Mounted to our fiberglass reinforced Shari plate for strength and response, alongside derby specific OCTO Wheels (92a), WICKED ABEC 5 free spin bearings and a roller derby specific toe stop means no immediate upgrades needed with this package, you have it all!

  • Boot:   Made out of leather and PU upper
  • Frame:   Composite Shari DCM ready
  • Wheels:   Octo Edge 59mmx38mm 92A hard wheels for high performance
  • Bearings:   Wicked ABEC 7 bearings