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Chaya Ruby Skate

SKU: PS810631-37
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Product Code: PS810631 

The Chaya Ruby skate is the most ´derby ready´ beginner package on the market. This low cut yet supportive boot offers both increased comfort and performance thanks to the new designed outer sole. Made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GFK) and including a torsion bar - a bridge to help combat improper flexing it provides crucial stiffness to the bottom of your skates. The stylish design gives the Ruby a high-end look and this skate offers much more than you would expect for the price. Our glass-fibre reinforced Shari plate offers unique features like the offset Chaya Controller stopper, the Power Toe System (PTS) for a better power transfer as well as Jelly Interlock Cushions which guarantees perfect handling. 

  • Boot:   Made out of leather and PU upper
  • Frame:   Composite Shari DCM ready
  • Wheels sizes:   Octo Propel Black 59mmx38mm 92A PU-wheels
  • Bearings:   Wicked ABEC 7 bearings