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Chaya Shiva 1.0 Forged Plate 20 Degree Quick Release Axles

SKU: PS810516-3
Availability: Low
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The Chaya Plates are brand new on the roller derby market, made to give you high quality combined with fast operation modus. Different from other plates, they feature the Clip Release Axle system, that makes switching wheels faster than ever. The 2 different truck angles give skaters the extra bit of customization for each skating style. Choose the 20° trucks for flexible stability or the 45° trucks for maximum agility.  The off set toe stop places your toe stop under your big toe where its most comfortable, making stopper work less painful and more precise.

  • Material: 7005 Al, extruded & CNC machined with laser print
  • Mounting: Dual Center Mount (DCM)
  • Frame: 20°, Clip Axle, forged
  • Cushions: Jelly Interlock PU - Cushions 92A
  • Toe Stop: Cherry Bomb, natrual rubber, long stem, flat head, off set