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Chaya Vintage Denim Roller Skates

SKU: PS810745-36
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Product Code: PS810745

Fun, fast, and with a unique style that can’t be beaten, the CHAYA Denim roller skates deliver a consistently awesome rolling experience. More than just a pretty face, the CHAYA Denim has modern features and everything you need to push your limits and discover what’s possible on roller skates. Made of all vegan-friendly materials, with this innovative skate there is no need to compromise. The exterior of the skate is made of PU leather with a layer of denim that is durable and supportive, giving you the confidence you need to learn new skills and embrace a full rolling experience. The roller skate features the CHAYA Galaxy Evo plate for improved strength and responsiveness, allowing you to cruise effortlessly through the city. The skate also has a new adjustable toe stop system that lets you easily match the height of the skate to your individual skating style. Rolling on 62mm/78A CHAYA Spectrum outdoor wheels and WICKED ABEC 7 bearings, this skate is ready to roll.

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  • Boot: Chaya Vintage outsole; mid cut; built-in liner / mesh; not heat mouldable; vegan
  • Plate: Chaya Galaxy Evo; A356 aluminium; casted; standard mounting; AL cast truck; Chaya Controller toe stop
  • Wheel: Chaya Spectrum 62mm*38mm / 78A, Outdoor, Cruising Comfort
  • Bearing: Wicked; ABEC 7; carbon steel


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