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Adonis 50mm 32mm Wheels 4pack

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ADONIS is doing what no other wheel manufacturer is. We all see wheel companies slowly stepping down in size a mm or so at a time over long periods of time. We decided to just cut to the chase and design a wheel that is not too small but just right for proper performance. With 50mm Micro Wheels, you realize a number of benefits that help improve your skills and stamina.


  • Lower Center of Gravity
  • Reduced Weight
  • Improved Response
  • Improved Stamina
  • Improved Precision

Hardnesses available:

  •  95a: Available in two dimensions, the 95A hardness wheels offer all the benefits ADONIS wheels are known for. The 95A hardness is ideal for some sport court and wooden floors. These wheels are great for the advanced skater that needs a little feedback from the floor. Allowing some sliding, some skaters prefer these wheels for derby. Another popular combination is to pair these with our ADONIS 92's for the best mix of speed and traction. These wheels are also suitable for some rhythm and Jam skaters. On a wooden floor, they offer great grip for those that like a little extra traction.


  • 50mm

Width & Weight:

  • 32mm 50g per wheel