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Powerslide Swell 100mm Lite Black II Inline Skates

SKU: PS510055-36-37
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Product Code: PS510055

One of the latest and most innovative additions to the popular SWELL skate collection, it’s the POWERSLIDE Swell Lite Black 100. Simplified, lighter, and now with a removable liner, this high-performance fitness skate makes a good thing even better. POWERSLIDE has streamlined the production process in order to make the skate more affordable, while still offering the performance and features you’d expect from the SWELL skate. The SWELL LITE Black 100 has an anatomically shaped, glass-fiber reinforced plastic shell that’s light and strong, making giving you a stable base for a high-performance fitness skate. The upper portion of the boot is made of Powerknit upper portion that, combined with a new featherlight MYFIT Monowrap liner, provides superb comfort and control. The boot is complemented by a supportive, height-adjustable cuff. The skate features a light and strong Elite 250mm aluminum cast frame riding on fast 3x100mm/83A wheels and WICKED ABEC 7 bearings, giving you a speedy, agile, comfortable skate that doesn’t skimp on performance. Complete with a Height Adjustable Brake System (HABS brake) for extra safety and Extra MYFIT skate insoles you can further customize the fit of the skate, the SWELL LITE Black 100 is the inline fitness skate you’ve been looking for.


  • Boot Overview:   Hybrid composite boot with liner; hand lasted; TRINITY X 3-point mounting; MYFIT Lite liner; heat moldable MYFIT shell and liner with 90°C
  • Frame Overview:   Powerslide Elite; ADC10 aluminum; TRINITY 3-point mounting; 9.8" (250mm); 3x100mm
  • Wheel Overview:   Powerslide Swell; 100mm / 83A; HR = High Rebound, Cruising Comfort
  • Bearing Overview:   Wicked; ABEC 7; chrome steel balls; carbon steel race ways