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REKD Slide Gloves

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The REKD Slide Gloves are lightweight and durable, providing your hands with the protection they need when sliding. The palm impact support helps absorb slide vibrations and impacts while the neoprene wrist and elastic strap keep the glove locked in place on your hand. The palm has 100% Velcro coverage, meaning you can place the slide pucks wherever you want for optimum comfort. We’ve also included sweat absorbing microfibre material on the thumb area so you can wipe away any unwanted sweat.

Construction and Materials

  • Fully covered Velcro palm and fingers
  • Protective faux suede material in high wear areas
  • Micro fibre sweat absorbing material on thumb
  • Self-lubricating POM nylon puck material


  • Palm impact support pads
  • Double stitching on high wear areas
  • Ergonomically shaped palm, finger and thumb pucks

Suitable Sports

  • Longboard, Freestyle Longboard, Downhill Longboard, Recreational Longboard

 C1 - Palm base to middle fingertip

C2 - Palm width

C3 - Wrist width

XS    C1: 19cm, C2: 10cm, C3: 9cm

    C1: 20cm, C2: 10.5cm, C3: 9.5cm

   C1: 21cm, C2: 11cm, C3: 10cm

L      C1: 22cm, C2: 11.5cm, C3: 10.5cm