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Enuff Decade Pro Trucks 139mm Black Black Pair

SKU: STSENU420-139
Availability: High
Product Code:ENU420

The Decade Pro Truck is a huge development for Enuff, marking 10 successful years of skateboarding! Enuff have given it a low king pin for added clearance and no hangups, plus a large hanger wear space. Its superior strength and style provide seriously smooth grinds and responsive turning, not to mention great control, which has been a big hit with Enuff's team of riders! All with great satin finishes and some seriously sleek branding!


  • Specification


    • Nat/Nat now available in 129mm/139mm
    • 129mm for 7.5 to 7.75" Decks / 139mm for 7.75" to 8.25" Decks
    • Gravity Cast 356A Aluminium Heat Treated to T4 Baseplate
    • PU Cast Pivot Cup
    • Maximum Grind Space on Hanger Before Reaching Axle
    • Laser Cut Logo
    • 92A PU Cast Bushings
    • 19.5° Kingpin Angle Provides Superior Turning and Stability
    • Sold as a Pair

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