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Earthwing Wheels Ultra Glide 70mm 4 Pack

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When we work with the chemists, and engineers, we never mention that we want a "buttery" feel.  That would be a disaster.  Butter has nothing to do with freeriding, and we promise these are not buttery, whatever that is. We can however describe with experience what we designed, and what the wheels can actually do for your skateboarding to make it more fun, and turn you into the champ you know you are.

These wheels are super versatile, and can handle anything from freestyle sliding to straight up racing.  The stone ground surface has you prepared to drift right out of the package with consistency and predictability.  Ultra Glide wheels are a true centerset, so you can expect even wear, and a perfect balance of load on the contact surface.  The huge 35mm wide core combined with 11mm thick 90 degree rounded lips helps resist deformation allowing the entire surface of the wheel to work, giving you more grip, and consistent slides throughout the life of the wheel.  No more worn out hourglass shaped wheels.  Using a high rebound superthane, the glide on these wheels is amazing.  When you hit the rough spots, the wheels feel like they actually speed up.  As the thane compresses rolling over rough bumps, it rebounds through them like you are skating on glass.  Inferior urethane would resist and slow down.