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Gawds Franky Morales Wheels 4Pack

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Franky Morales 4-pack

PS30001 | Pink/Pink | 4-pack


Are you ready to put it in? Rolling on Franky´s new pro wheels is more eye-catching than ever before. What are the sizes? 60mm/88A wheels suit him perfectly, the round radius gives lots of support, control, and maximum speed. Made in the USA with the purest and highest quality PU- material and toughest injection core. This new semi-clear polyurethane not only looks sexy but is perfect for park and street skating, giving great grip, improved suspension whilst still offering the needed speed. Don´t forget about protection and always wear your helmet! These wheels need tube spacers.

Wheel:   Gawds Franky Morales; 60mm / 88A; Ultra Reactive Polyurethane; made in USA