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Gawds Team Weed II 60mm Wheels 4pack

SKU: PS30006
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Product Code: PS30006


Team Weed II 4-pack

PS30006 | White/Black| 4-pack


We have a pack for you! 60mm, 90A and 240g! Grown in the US, with polyurethane to only offer white nature PU, which is the purest, best and longest lasting wheels on the market.

Ideal stuff for fast and smooth-rolling. The round profile keeps you high on grip and manoeuvrability. A solid core and the smokin´ graphic completes the pack.

Wheel:   Gawds Team Weed II; 60mm / 90A; Ultra Reactive Polyurethane; made in USA
Gawds Team Weed II 60mm/90a (4 pcs.) Inline Skate Wheels