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ANTIK MG2 Black Breeze w Rival Plate (Sizes 3 & 4 Only)

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Product Code: ANT4742510RIVAL


  • Antik MG2 Boots: 
  • PowerDyne Rival Plates
  • Heartless Wheels
  • Moto Bearings

    • Antik Heat Molding Instructions

      Heat molding instructions provided by Antik

      Depending on how you want your boots to fit, there are a few options for heat molding the counters and toe box.

      Molding Tips
      After molding, the metal components of skate boots may be very HOT! Watch out for buckles, eyelets, and aglets! After heating and lacing up the boot, try not to move around too much. Ideally you want to be in a skating stance so that your foot is as close to the shape that it would be while skating. Moving around in the boot will not allow the boot to cool in a uniform manner. Finally, after initial cooling, allow the boot to stand for several hours (up to a day) before any rigorous skating!

      Option 1 (for specific "trouble spots"): Heat Gun or Hair Dryer
      This option is for individual problem areas (toes, arch, outer foot), and lets you mold one section at a time. Keep the gun/dryer approximately 6-8 inches away from the boot, moving in a small circular pattern so as not to over heat one spot. This should take about 3 minutes with a heat gun and 6-7 with a hair dryer. Once the material is pliable, use your hands to massage & push out the problem spot, and hold until cool (blunt end of screwdriver can be used to push out particularly tight spots). This process can be repeated as many times as needed.

      Option 2 (for general fit): Skate Bake or Kitchen Oven
      This option allows you to mold all three spots at once. Mold only one boot at a time! First, pre-heat oven to ~175 degrees; do NOT exceed 200 degrees! Remove insole, laces, toe stop, wheels, and bearings (cushions can be left on). Place boot/skate in oven on rack or cookie sheet for 3 minutes. Remove boot (it will be HOT!). Insert insole, place foot in boot and lace up (wearing socks you wear while skating). Stand up in boots, in skating stance, and wait until cool. This process can be repeated as many times as needed.

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