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Reckless Wheels CIB Park 58mm | 98a | 4 Pack | White Blue

SKU: ANT122917
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Product Code: ANT122917

CIB Wheels

"It is our mission to bring you products that give you the best experience on skates. Throughout 2015 we have dedicated our time to developing a range of wheels that bring out the best in park, street and ramp skating. Working alongside Reckless Wheels and the CIB Skate Team we have designed three wheels that will get the most out of any terrain so you can shred, slide and grind to your heart's content. Poured in the heart of California with designs dreamed up by the CIB crew in New Zealand, we have tested these wheels from coast to coast across America, Australia and New Zealand and it is finally our pleasure to release them to you!" 

—Lady Trample | Founder | Chicks in Bowls