Graf Ultra G 75 Hockey Skate

Graf Ultra G 75 Hockey Skate

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Product Code: GR1G45

The use in the GRAF ULTRA G-75 of the HIGH-TECH material SRPP, along with its advanced design, creates one of the most stable and at the same time lightest boots that GRAF has ever manufactured.

SRPP (self-reinforced polypropylene) is an extremely lightweight, highly impact-resistant material, consisting of a combination of various layers of woven polypropylene. 
SRPP is already being used in the manufacture of bullet-proof vests and high-quality skis.

 A NEW APPROACH TO REINFORCEMENT:The new reinforcement concept used in the ULTRA G-75 offers a lightweight, flexible zone for the ball of the foot, which allows the boot to adapt excellently to the shape of the foot.
The heel and ankle meanwhile have extra reinforcement to guarantee an excellent and comfortable support.

AMC COMPOSITE is a new two-layer lining. It consists of a layer of tried-and-tested, fast-drying AIRNET, laminated to another layer of lightweight, soft and adaptable CLARINO material.


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