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Hyper Bronze Hockey Pants Silver

SKU: HYP127583
Availability: High
The best performance rec-level pant for the dollar. If you're looking for a lightweight, value-priced pant that will hold up day in and day out, then buy these pants. Features include thermo-molded high impact crosscheck pad in back area, double-stitched seams and double layered knees, single layer of flow mesh behind the knees, woven hyper elastic side strip for vertical mobility, and single click belt system that locks easy and tight.

SIZING: Height(Length)
Yth Small - 4ft-4ft3in (26in)
Yth Medium - 4ft4in-4ft7in (33in)
Yth Large - 4ft8in-4ft11in (38in)
Sr Small - 5ft-5ft3in (40in)
Sr Med - 5ft4in-5ft7in (44in)
Sr Large - 5ft8in-5ft11in (45in)
Sr XL - 6ft-6ft4in (46.5in