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Hyper Steel Hockey Pants Black Red

SKU: HYP129330
Availability: Low
The best selling team league pant returns in 2005 with more features and the same smokin' price. Hyper's #1 team pant has been improved by adding flexibility and reducing weight. Designed with 4-Way stretch elastic crotch and 2-Way stretch above the knee and in the lower back, you get unmatched mobility. Other features include EVA cross check pad, MX™ tight-locking belt system, double reinforced knees, and stretch knee, crotch, and side panel.

SIZING: Height(Length)
Yth Small - 4ft-4ft3in (26in)
Yth Medium - 4ft4in-4ft7in (33in)
Yth Large - 4ft8in-4ft11in (38in)
Sr Small - 5ft-5ft3in (40in)
Sr Med - 5ft4in-5ft7in (44in)
Sr Large - 5ft8in-5ft11in (45in)
Sr XL - 6ft-6ft4in (46.5in)