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Kwik Abec 7 Bearings Each

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Product Code: RIE100633

KWIK Speed Skate ABEC 7 Bearings are pre-spum at the factory to ensure tolerances that exceed standard specifications. Try ABEC 7 Bearings today. Only the highest grade steel balls, chrome steel races, and polished brass cages go into every KWIK ABEC 7 Speed Bearing. A super-smooth finish on the race ways and a high-speed lube allow a quiet spin while increasing the load capabilities.

They know you don't want to spend your time cleaning your bearings so they designed KWIK ABEC 7 Bearings to deliver maximum performance with minimum maintenance.


- single( and lonely) ABEC 7 bearings
- speed bearings 608 
- standard size & fast! or I should say KWIK!