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Matter Wheels Propel 110mm 86a F1 Each

SKU: PS205271-110
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Product Code: PS205271-110 PS205311

Inline Track racing is all about the corners. Those precious meters on the exit of every corner is where races are won and lost, and the champions are crowned. As the name suggests Matter's new wheels have been designed to Propel the skater out of the corner like nothing ever skated on before. 

Using patented oblique technology the Matter engineers have designed a wheel that is optimized to turn left. Since track racing is only in one direction it should make total sense that the skater's wheels are optimized to work best in that direction. The two sides of the Matter Propel wheel are known as the Force side and the Flex side. While these wheels have been tuned to work best in one direction we have also seen recent developments that allow them to be used in BOTH directions depending on the skaters personal preference. 

Matter has also enhanced this wheel's chemistry too, to be more resistant to abrasion and therefore last longer at critical moments in races.