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Moxi Cosmo Glow Wheels 62mm 80a 4 Pack

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COSMO GLOW are the first LED light-up roller skate wheels specifically made to fit quad skate axles! The smooth rolling 80A outdoor wheels will glide over rough surfaces and are perfectly designed to highlight the tracks you leave and illuminate, in bright vibrant lights, your standout moves to any passers-by. Cosmo Glow wheels help keep you safe and noticeable while skating in the dark.

Sized at 62mm in diameter, the Cosmo Glow wheels light up in three cosmic colour combinations: White Rain Glow with multi-coloured lights inside a white opaque wheel, Purple Haze with blue lights inside a lavender wheel, and Galaxy Green with blue lights inside a seafoam wheel.

These wheels are human-powered, no batteries are required as the floating, magnetic spacer powers the wheel's core to illuminate as you skate. All you need to do is roll and your color-changing wheels will light up as you skate!


  • Floating magnetic spacer that sits between the bearings powers the lights inside wheels as they spin on the axles

  • Recommended Use: Outdoor

  • Size and Hardness: 62mm x 32mm, 80A

  • Colourways: Galaxy Green, Purple Haze, White Rain Glow

  • Required Bearing Size: 8mm

* Disclaimer: Bearings are not included with Moxi Cosmo Glow Wheels