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MyFit Reaction Dual Fit Liner

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Reaction Dual Fit Liner

PS908420 | Black | Pair

The NEXT of inline skates is renowned for their urban performance. In fact, they’ve rewritten what a high-performance urban freeride skate really is and now they have a liner to call their very own: it’s the MYFIT Reaction Dual Fit Liner. Developed specifically for NEXT skates, the Reaction Dual Fit liner has reduced volume to offer more space inside your NEXT skate, giving your foot room to breathe and move. The liner has a dual-layer construction and features a soft layer of memory foam that provides extra cushioning that you'll appreciate, especially during long, intense skate sessions. The upper portion of the MYFIT Reaction Dual Fit liner is made of durable PU leather paired with elastane in the midsection and stretchy SBR for the toes, which, when combined, give you unmatched comfort and cushioning. To keep your foot ventilated, the liner has a perforated tongue made of cast polyurethane that provides cooling airflow. We all know the wear and tear that comes with urban inline skating. Skate as hard and as long as you like, the MYFIT Reaction Dual Fit liner has PU leather patches on the inside and outside to protect the liner from any hardware damage. Of course, when you’re landing big gaps and getting big air, a cushioned landing is important. The MYFIT Reaction liner has you covered with an integrated shock absorber that’s also replaceable. This is a liner that you can easily customize. Additional attached loops on the upper portion give NEXT skates multiple lacing options, can even be heat-molded at 90° to give you the perfect fit every time.

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Boot:   MYFIT liner with 90°C