OMEN Board 36.5" Buzzkill Deck: Red Gold, Vulture

OMEN Board 36.5" Buzzkill Deck: Red Gold, Vulture

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The Buzzkill is our newest addition to the Omen Longboards lineup and features a little bit of a different feel and vibe then what we’ve previously released.  Our topmounts typically feature more intense concave schemes, but to change things up, we made it a bit simpler, yet just as rad. Let’s start with the specs

 The Buzzkill is 36.5” long and offers a width of 9.5” that slightly tapers back to 9.25” wide. It offers wheelbase options ranging from 21” to 26”, letting you setup either a super nimble thrasher or a stable, surfy bomber. Like our other boards, we’ve thrown in CNC’d wheel wells to prevent wheelbite. Also, there’s a sick little spoon kicktail in the back to get you up and over obstacles or just to show off whenever you want.  Unlike our other decks, this board is a traditional topmount in all senses of the term. There’s no flush-mounting and no micro-drops. What about the concave?

 Instead of 3D concave or arch-bar W, we threw some mellow rocker on top of sharp radial concave. The rocker gives you a slightly lowered and more comfortable platform that your feet can comfortably sink into. The concave is nice and crisp and when combined with rocker, gives you the ultimate places to dig your feet into for more leverage. This lends itself perfectly to freeriding and downhill. You can push up against the edges of the deck perfectly to either kick out stand-up slides or dive into the apex of your favorite corner. Keep an eye out for this bad boy at races and slide jams alike, and get on one yourself if you don’t want your buzz to get killed. 


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