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PlayLife Joker Blue Sky Adjustable Inline Skates

SKU: PS880264-28-31
Availability: High
Product Code: PS880264
The Playlife Joker Blue Sky adjustable kids skate scores with comfort. This light weight unibody soft boot skate doesn´t just look nice yet also offers a good performance for tomorrow´s skate stars. The feet are securely locked in the skate which helps them to control the skates better. All parts have been selected with the focus to offer fun on wheels to kids. Smooth rolling PU wheels and carbon steel bearings as well as a comfortable liner guarantee skating pleasure with this nice looking black/blue/green inline skate
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Weight:   930g (size 32-35)
Vegan:   true
Boot Type:   Hard boot
Sizes:   4-Sizes adjustable
Shell / Outsole Material:   Polypropylene (PP)
Cuff Material:   Polypropylene (PP)
Heat Mouldability:   Not heat mouldable
Material Upper / Liner:   Nylon, synthetic leather
Top Closure:   Micro adjustable buckle
45° Closure / Front Foot Closure:   Velcro strap / Standard lacing
Liner:   Two piece construction with EVA padding
Liner Top Closure:   No closure
Innersole:   Standard EVA innersole
Ventilation:   Medium
Inline Skate Height in CM:   25,5cm (size 32-35)
Frame Name:   Unibody
Frame Material:   Polypropylene (PP)
Frame Mounting Standard:   Standard side mounting
Max. Wheel Size:   28-31 = 64mm / 31-34 = 72mm / 34-37 = 72mm / 37-40 = 76mm
Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM):   28-31 = 7.8" (197mm) / 31-34 = 8.6" (218mm) / 34-37 = 8.8" (224mm) / 37-40 = 10.0" (254mm)
Frame Axles:   Double axle steel 6mm, hex 4mm
Adjustable Side to Side:   No, side mounting frame
Adjustable Front to Back:   No, side mounting frame
Frame Manufacturing Process:   Unibody injection molding
Wheel Name:   Playlife
Wheel Diameter:   28-31 = 64mm / 31-34 = 70mm / 34-37 and 37-40 = 72mm
Wheel Hardness:   82A
Wheel Compound:   HR= High Rebound, Cruising Comfort
Wheel Bearing Standard:   608 standard
Wheel Spacer:   Composite tube spacer, 6mm
Wheel Width:   24mm
Bearing Rating:   ABEC 5
Bearing Standard:   608 standard
Bearing Material:   Carbon steel
Bearing Shield:   ZZ, double sided steel shield
Bearing Lubrication:   Grease
Included Accessories:   Replacement double axle (short) in case of brake take out, tool - hex 4mm
Wheel Manufacturing Process:   Cast
Wheel Setup:   28-31 = 4x64mm / 31-34 = 4x70mm / 34-37 = 4x72mm / 37-40 = 4x76mm