Powerdyne Arius Plate Red

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Powerdyne Arius Plate

We are pleased to announce the Arius from PowerDyne is a complete reinvention of the quad roller skate plate. The patented Arius is lighter, stronger, more stable, more powerful, more maneuverable, more durable, and more efficient than any other plate, hands down. As an added bonus, it is also astonishingly simple to set up for maximum performance. 

The key to the revolutionary design of the Arius is efficiency. Traditional kingpin plates pinch a portion of the round cushions against the kingpin to produce movement, an inefficient design that requires constant adjustment to find optimal performance. The Arius features Progressive Lateral Movement of the truck, which is completely new. The axle presses the Cushion Crown of the truck evenly against the specially designed Butterfly cushion, creating efficient pressure. The result is stability with immense amounts of action.
The weight measurements are great support for the Arius. A pair are nearly half a pound lighter than the Reactor Pro Series when fully assembled.
Material - 6061 series heat-treated lightweight extruded aircraft aluminum 
Color - Anodized metallic red finish
Axle Type - Precision machined aluminum trucks with chromoly steel axles
Axle Size  8mm
Action Type - Butterfly Cushion design 
Toe Stops - Adjustable
Cushions / Bushings - 4 sets of high rebound urethane Butterfly Cushions for exact tuning
Weight - Lightweight


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