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Powerslide Glitch Adjustable Junior Inline Skates

SKU: PS700351-31-34
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Glitch adj.

PS700351 | Multicolour | Pair



Meet the USD Glitch: a vibrant, feature-packed inline skate designed for kids' aggressive skating, offering speed, durability, and precision for aspiring young skaters.

Introducing the USD Glitch, a sleek colourful inline skate packed with an abundance of features specifically designed for kids and aggressive skating. With its impressive speed, durability, and adjustable sizing, it is the ultimate all-around inline skate for active youngsters. Whether practicing foundational freestyle manoeuvres or taking it to the park or rails, kids will have an exhilarating time on these inline skates. The Glitch boasts a cutting-edge Kizer Unibody soul frame, complete with a perfect groove for flat setups, enabling effortless grinding on any surface. Its low-to-the-ground design ensures fast sliding and remarkable durability. Additionally, the extra toe strap provides enhanced support and control, catering to aspiring pro skaters. Notably, this feature-rich inline skate can be easily adjusted to accommodate growing feet. Rest assured that your little one will enjoy a perfectly fitting, high-quality skate for many seasons to come. Equipped with USD wheels and WICKED bearings, this skate offers top-notch components, delivering a smooth and speedy ride that will undoubtedly bring joy to young skaters. Inspired by the cheerful skating of a new wave of younger shredders we proudly present the aggressive skate of the future to come.

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Boot:   Hardboot; Kizer Unibody frame; Jet liner with EVA padding and expandable toe area; not heat moldable
Frame:   Kizer Unibody Soulframe; glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP); 31-34 = 8.5" (215mm) / 35-38 = 9.6" (245mm); 4x58mm / 4x61mm ; 2-point mounting
Wheel:   USD 58/61mm / 90A; HR= High Rebound
Bearing:   Wicked; ABEC 7; chrome steel balls; carbon steel race ways