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Powerslide Tau Boot

SKU: PS908279-38
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Product Code: PS908279

The POWERSLIDE Tau is one of the most sophisticated freestyle carbon boots. Fast, comfortable, versatile, and responsive - the POWERSLIDE Tau is the industry-leading freestyle carbon boot that everyone is talking about. Incredibly light, the POWERSLIDE Tau is the first heat-mouldable boot based on a compression-moulded carbon shell. The innovative integrated MYFIT liner forms perfectly to your foot providing unheard-of comfort and responsiveness. The multi-layer padding construction consists of our new SPC foam providing a snug and satisfying fit, while the durable PU leather gives you all support you need for the demands of urban freestyle inline skating. The Tau lends itself to different styles and disciplines of inline skating. Designed around the TRINITY 3-point mounting system, with the Tau boot you can interchange frames to suit your personal preferences skating styles. POWERSLIDE has an extensive selection of TRINITY frames, off-road SUV adventure skating, cruising the city on a 4-wheel setup, or precise freestyle and slalom skating, so no matter the style of inline skating you’re into, you can do it all in the POWERSLIDE Tau. Step in, tie them up, and get rolling - nothing’s going to hold you back when you’re rolling in the POWERSLIDE Tau.