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Powerslide Hurricane Red 4 Pack

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Hurricane Red, 4-pack


The Powerslide Hurricane 80 is the budget urban wheel with a great price to value ratio. A strong and stiff core paired with a nice blend of polyurethane creates this performance wheel that won’t let you down in any situation, no matter if you're sliding, jumping, or just cruising around the city with your friends. The Hurricane PU-wheel comes in a bright red colour.

Weight:   82g
Sizes:   80mm, 76mm
Wheel Diameter:   80mm, 76mm
Wheel Hardness:   85A
Wheel Compound:   HR= High Rebound, Cruising Comfort
Wheel Profile:   Race
Wheel Core:   Urban
Wheel Bearing Standard:   608
Wheel Spacer:   AL floating spacer, 8mm
Wheel Width:   24mm
Wheel Manufacturing Process:   Cast