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Powerslide Imperial One 80 Black Yellow Inline Skates

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Imperial One Black Yellow 80

 The POWERSLIDE Imperial One Black Yellow 80 is a proven, high-performance freeride skate that’s perfectly suited to exploring the urban environment. This impressive hard boot inline skate is pure fun whether you’re looking to cruise the city, pull some awesome slides, manoeuvre around obstacles, or jump over big gaps. High-performance and versatile, there’s a lot to love about the POWERSLIDE Imperial One Black Yellow 80 urban freeride skate. The boot and cuff on the Imperial Black Yellow 80 are made of light and strong glass-fibre reinforced plastic which gives skaters responsive and supportive urban freeride skate. Equipped with POWERSLIDE a Gamma 243mm aluminium casted frame, fast and grippy 80mm Hurricane wheels, and WICKED ABEC 7 bearings the Imperial offers urban freeride skaters the perfect mix of speed, durability, and control. A legendary inline skate that’s right at home in the urban environment, it’s the Imperial One Black Yellow 80.


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Boot:   Hard boot; 165mm 2-point mounting; MYFIT Basic dual fit liner; MYFIT liner with 80°C
Frame:   Powerslide Gamma; ADC10 aluminium; 165mm 2-point mounting; 9.6" (243mm); 4x80mm
Wheel:   Powerslide Spinner; 80mm / 88A; HR= High Rebound, cruising comfort
Bearing:   Wicked; ABEC 7; chrome steel balls; carbon steel race ways
Brake Compatibility:   Urban Brake Size S
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