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Powerslide MyFit Footies High Cut 2mm

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Footies High 2mm



MYFIT Footies High 2mm have been developed to prevent blisters and pain during sports activities like inline skating, roller skating, and other sports where athletes' feet need to be protected especially also in the high-stress areas like ankles and Achilles tendon. Blisters are caused by friction, which means you have too much room in your boots or skates. Footies fill the empty space. They are made from highly resistant SBR material sourced from Japan, Footies offer relief from high-pressure points on the foot. Flatlock stitching ensures a comfortable fit. Footies should be washed by hand only. These Footies are 2mm thick and high cut which is ideal to wear in mid to high cut marathon skates as well as in fitness skates, urban or aggressive skates but also all kinds of mid to high cut roller skates.

Vegan:   true
Sizes:   XS = 31-34 / S = 34-37 / M = 37-40 / L = 40-43 / XL = 43-46 EU
Stiffness:   Medium
Cushions Material:   Special neoprene made in Japan
Upper Material:   Special neoprene made in Japan, 2mm
Heel Support:   Medium
Comfort:   Medium