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Powerslide Phuzion Galaxy II Boys Inline Skates

SKU: PS940638-29-32
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Product Code: PS940638

Powerslide Phuzion Galaxy Boys - The first of its kind The Powerslide Phuzion Galaxy Boys kids skate is the first of its kind. The Phuzion Galaxy Boys Triskate is the first kids skate on the market made by using light weight Powerknit material giving these skates its outstanding look. The skate is lighter than a regular 4-wheel skate which helps kids learn to skate faster. The centre wheel of the skate acts like a pivot point and as a result makes skate much easier for kids to handle. For more safety the Phuzion Galaxy skate is equipped with a height adjustable brake system. High quality materials like Powerslide Infinity PU wheels and Wicked ABEC 7 bearings, have not only reduced the weight of the skate but also improved handling of the skate making skating much more fun! Kids will love this skate. 


Boot Overview:
Hard boot; 129/145/165mm 2-point mounting; Jet liner with EVA padding and expandable toe area; not heat mouldable.
Frame Overview:
Powerslilde Volt 2in1; ADC10 aluminium; 27-30 = 8.1" (207mm) / 31-34 = 8.6" (219mm) / 35-38 = 9.1" (231mm); 3x76mm (optional 4x68mm) / 3x80mm (optional 4x72mm) / 3x84mm (optional 4x76mm) 2-point mounting
Wheel Overview:
Powerslide Hurricane; 76/80/84mm / 83A; HR= High Rebound, Cruising Comfort
Bearing Overview:
Wicked; ABEC 7; chrome steel balls; carbon steel race ways