Powerslide Prime Centurio Outdoor Wheels

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Prime wheels are made in USA, but the finest PU and other materials possible to give the player unrivaled characteristics. Faster stopping, tighter turning, faster rolling, everything you need to crush the competition. Prime V, was our 5th generation of outdoor PU. We tested intensively and formulated the perfect mix. This wheel offers ultimate speed, grip and abrasion. It gives you the the best of all worlds. 

Prime’s Centurio wheel is a professional Inline hockey outdoor wheel. The Centurio is made using a highly developed, American made PU with a focus on high abrasion resistance. The PU is poured on Prime’s specially designed core ensures a strong and stable platform.


  • Prime Centurio 76mm / 84A; Blue; 4-pack.
  • Prime Centurio 80mm / 84A; Blue; 4-pack
  • Prime Centurio 100mm / 84A; Blue; 3-pack.

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