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Powerslide Rutscherla II Bob Skate (Ice Glider) Jr 24-31

SKU: PS902180-24-31
Availability: High
Product Code: PS902180
  • Wide base with anti slip surface
  • Easy fixation with two straps
  • Double blades for stability for the youngest ice skates

The Powerslide Rutschala II is perfectly suited for small children, which make their first experiences on the ice. The double blade offers a secure and low stand on the ice making it easy for young kids to keep their balance the slippery surface. The Rutscherla is very convenient to use as it offers a wide and strong platform made out of stainless steel. The ice skate can be adjusted over 7 sizes with a butterfly nut on the bottom of the skates. Fit and comfort will be no problem as kids can use their own shoes which are securely locked in with two buckle straps. Designed especially for wide and thick winter boots.