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Powerslide TRINITY Elite casted AL 243mm 3x110 Black

SKU: PS520015
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Product Code: 520015
It´s one of the best all-around inline triskate frame on the market - it’s the Elite 110 - 243 Black TRI Frame from POWERSLIDE. Crafted of strong and lightweight aluminum alloy that makes rolling on these superb frames seemingly effortless. At 243mm in length and able to accept up to 110mm wheels, the Elite frame delivers the perfect balance of speed and agility. The frame is 243mm long and engineered to incorporate the innovative TRINITY 3-point mounting system. TRINITY connects to your boot with 3 points of contact, creating a channel that brings your wheels as close to your foot as possible which is important for big wheel triskating. Giving you an unmatched center of gravity, the TRINITY system delivers a stable, responsive skating experience and efficient power transfer in every stride. The TRINITY system also features an integrated X-slot system allows you to shift the frame to the front and back as well as to both sides in order to match and augment your individual skating style. Available in black or white colorways, the POWERSLIDE Elite TRI 110 - 243 Black Frame is fast, customizable, and lightweight; you have to give this versatile triskate frame a try.
Frame Overview:
AL ADC10;TRINITY 3-point mounting; 9.6" / 243mm, 3x110mm