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Powerslide Urban Brake

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Urban Brake


Urban brake - the universal brake. A lot of skates come without brakes. We at Powerslide care about your safety and developed several kinds of universal brakes that can be easily added to your current skates. The urban brake can be used on the most common frames in the market. The brake includes all necessary hardware for the assembly. It takes about two minutes to assemble the brake. The brake pad is made of long-lasting and abrasion-resistant NR/SBR material, a mix of natural and synthetic rubber blends.


SMALL:   Fitting max. 4x80mm Frames
MEDIUM:   Fitting 4x84mm and 4x90mm Frames
LARGE:   Fitting 3 wheel Frames; max. 3x110mm

Material Brake Pads:   NR/SBR = natural rubber / styrene-butadiene rubber
Hardness Brake Pads:   85A
Max. Width of Frame Fitting the Brake:   37mm
Assembly Hardware:   Included
Assembly of complete Brakes:   With two pcs. of double axles
Assembly of Brake Pads:   With screw
Important Notes:   The brake won´t fit any rockered frames