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Radar Presto Wheels 59mm Narrow w Black Hub 4 Pack

SKU: RAD122533
Availability: Low
Product Code: 122533, 122534, 122535, 122536, 122537, 122909

Introducing the Presto!  Featuring the all-new Tiger 2 piece Dynamic Core hub and Neothane urethane, the Presto sets a new standard for performance.  Instead of having a single hollow cavity, the Tiger has channels, which offer support to every part of the wheel’s surface while keeping it extremely light.  The result is a fast and aggressive ride.  The presto offers the previously unattainable combination of lightness, speed, grip and controlled stops.


Height: 59mm
Width: 38mm (narrow)
Hardnesses Available: 88a, 91a, 93a, 95a, 97a, 99a