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REKD Wrist Guard Blue

Availability: High
Product Code: RKD490

The REKD wrist guard provides 360 ° protection for your wrists and is ideal for a wide range of action sports including skateboarding, recreational skating and roller derby.

Construction and Materials

  • Heavy duty PP impact cap
  • Heard wearing 600D Polyester material
  • PU leather on key areas to protect from abrasion
  • Nylon centre webbing strap with embroidered logo


  • Heavy duty dual splint wrist guards with 360° protection
  • Triple Velcro strap closure
  • Extra 5mm padding under palm splint

Suitable Sports

  • Skate, Skateboard, Longboard, MTB, Mountain Bike, Bike, BMX, Stunt Scooter, Recreational Scooter, Roller Skate, Roller Derby, Aggressive Skating, Inline Skating and many more!


  • Black, Blue, Grey

XS     10-12cm around the wrist

     12-15cm around the wrist

    15-18cm around the wrist

      18-20cm around the wrist

XL      20-23cm around the wrist

RKD490 REKD Wrist Guards Group.jpg