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Riedell Compression Womens Leggings Full Length

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Riedell Australia has teamed up with Sassfit to provide a top quality Compression range designed to suit Derby Players of all shapes, sizes, player position and ability. 

Designed and Manufactured by Sassfit Australia we guarantee that you will love them!

These are a Compression Sportswear pant and are designed to help your muscles recover when working out and also post work out.
Materials - Sassfit... Fits like a Silk Glove

•80% nylon
•20% spandex
•250 gsm weight

Performance Benefits
•Lightweight performance at it's best
•Wicking, quick drying, smooth and feels great
•Gorgeous Silky Finish
•UV 50
•Double Dyed to keep your privates Private
•4 way Stretch Material
Attitude-altering Benefits
•Smile-inducing (increased laughing is a natural side effect)
•Puts a spring in your stride
•Confidence-inspiring when you spy others enviously checking you out!