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Riedell R Fit Footbed Kit - High Top Mens

SKU: RIE122875
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Riedell R-Fit Footbed Kit - For All Men's High-Top Boots

Specifically designed for roller skates, the customizable Riedell R-Fit™ Footbed Kit helps to improve alignment and athletic performance, alleviate pain from common fit issues, and provide comfort while reducing fatigue.

The R-Fit Footbed Kit includes the R-Fit Footbed, along with interchangeable arch supports, heel wedges, heel lifts, metatarsal pads, and an instruction guide. This R-Fit Kit is sized for ALL men’s high-top boots (Artistic/Rhythm boots such as the black Model 172).

The R-Fit Footbeds should work with almost any skate boot, however we can only assure 100% compatibility with Riedell skate boots.